4th 9 Weeks Grading Policy

Dear Grand Oaks High School Parents,

Conroe ISD has released their final grading policy for the fourth nine weeks for secondary schools today. Some students and parents have been sharing versions of this policy early as yesterday morning … that was a draft form that was shared by other campuses. I did not want to send out any new policies before receiving the final policy approved by Central. GOHS changed its policy last week to add in a major grade for every three weeks to comply with all the other CISD high schools and this week the CISD policy has changed back to what GOHS had initially started with.

Therefore, any “major” grades or assessments that were assigned are now counted as minor grades and will be equally weighted with all other grades. Therefore, GOHS will be collecting one equally weighted grade per week per course. The final semester average will be calculated with idea that no student should be placed at a disadvantage for their academic grades for this fourth nine weeks due to the COVID-19 environment and remote learning. In other words, students will have an opportunity to improve their semester grades for the Spring semester or maintain the grades they earned in the third nine week marking period.

Assignments and instructional activities are designed so that the grades of students will indicate the level of mastery of the designated district objectives for each course. With that said, it is foremost important that assignments are manageable and achievable during this stressful time.

I ask for your patience right now as GOHS Teachers make the slight adjustments necessary to fulfill the policy listed below. The good news is that for the most part, this was the original ideas and intentions of the GOHS Staff for handling grades and assignments from the very beginning and we are well set to fulfill such.

Take care and Go Grizzlies!

Chris Povich

During the 4th Nine Weeks grading period:

· Students will receive no more than one graded assignment for each course per week from the time online learning started on March 23 until we return to a regular school schedule.

· In the event we are unable to return to school, one graded assignment per week would extend through the last day of school on May 28, 2020.

· Teachers can offer more than one assignment per week, but must identify to students and parents which of the assignments will be recorded in the grade book.

· All grades will be formative in nature and all graded assignments will be equally weighted and will make up the 4th nine-week grade for the course. Students will have the opportunity to be retaught and allowed to resubmit assignments.

· Students should not be placed at a disadvantage during the 4th Nine-Week grading cycle because of limited computer access, lack of technology skills, or other unusual circumstances.

· Qualifying students will continue to receive accommodations and modifications.

· Grades recorded during the 4th nine-weeks will not have a negative impact on a student’s average or grade point average. The 4th Nine-week grade will not be lower than third nine-week grade.

· The 2020 spring semester grade will be determined by the 3rd nine-week grade averaged with the higher of the 3rd or 4th nine-week grade. Students will have the opportunity to raise their semester average and grade point average based upon the grade earned for the 4th nine-weeks.

· There will be no final exams for the spring semester.

Grading Examples – 4th Nine-Weeks

Conroe ISD believes that recording traditional numerical grades at the secondary level is in the best interest of our students.

· The numerical system allows students to improve their overall semester average by engaging in 4th nine-week learning activities.

· A Pass/Fail option would not allow students in year-long courses to earn credit if the grade recorded in the first semester was not a passing grade.

· NCAA Clearinghouse - the Pass/Fail option would disadvantage students interested in continuing their athletic careers at the college level. The NCAA Clearinghouse records a grade of Pass as the lowest possible passing grade (70). A student enrolled in seven classes would therefore earn a 70 in all seven classes for the spring semester.